About TK

  I am a teen web designer, photographer, Youtuber, and sailor. Our main cameras are two Cannon T3i's with Magic Lantern software. We use both the kit lenses and VJ's Nikkon adapted lenses from 40 years ago, including a Nikkor F1:4 35mm that does really well in low light conditions.

  Recently I was on assignment in the middle of an 100+ year old Newport church organ chamber using a fisheye lens. A few weeks later at the top of the mast of Schooner Mystic using both that fisheye lens and a Contour head cam ... two trips to the top of the mast. Earlier this year we were shooting from the top of a ladder videoing crowds at the St. Paul's Farmers' market in Naples.

  I use Adobe Premiere CS6 and After Effects CS6 for Video. This web site was created with Dreamweaver CS6 and is not a template job. We are using the Responsive format. For photos we use Photoshop CS6 as well as VJ's 15-year-old copy of Photoshop. I have to back VJ up on his 6-year-old copy of Power Director video software, as he is resisting upgrading.

  While I started in web design nearly three years ago, my major emphasis is in video content that can be used on YouTube, Email campaigns, and web sites.

Lastest Video

TK in action with speed art.